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Spherady makes it easy for you to connect to your fans and customers with both free and paid content that will keep them coming back for more.

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Our Active Network is for Celebrities and Individuals with significant social following. On this network, a celebrity creates a Private Premium Content Channel. On this channel they can:

  • Post Photos, Videos, Music Clips and textual messages
  • Host Live Video Q&A Sessions with their fans
  • Control your own fees, and monitor live revenue reports

Once you set your monthly or annual fee, and share the feed with your existing fans, they will subscribe to your channel. When people subscribe to a Premium social media feed, they expect to get value added content that cannot be found on other social networks. So make plans to be very active on this channel.


Because many celebrities and companies do not have the time or manpower to actively participate in a private social media channel, Spherady has launched a series of PASSIVE NETWORKS, where you can upload static video content, and mark the content as Free or as part of a monthly subscription offering.

Once your content is ready, you can ENGAGE your fans and customers by using the Spherady Physical Distribution Objects.


For large organizations, Arenas, or companies who have many locations, an Enterprise Solution may be the best solution.

  • Global Coverage
  • Maintain Full Control
  • White Label Options

Here, we can provide you Hosted, or SAAS Solutions for your content in a white label custom format. We can also provide Maintenance Agreements for Physical Distribution Objects that you order, and full training programs to help you get the most out of your new Spherady System.


Join one of the existing Spherady Premium Content Distribution Networks, or let us help you launch your own enterprise version.

  • Spherady Social

    Spherady Social is our FLAGSHIP Social Network. It is here that social celebrities of all kinds are figuring out new and exciting ways to monetize their social media efforts by providing Premium Social Content to their fans.

  • Spherady Fitness

    Spherady Fitness is the video distribution network of choice for Gyms and Fitness Trainers. On this network, Fitness Pros can deliver instructional fitness videos right off of fitness equipment,

  • Spherady Medical

    Spherady Medical is a unique video distribution platform that gives medical professionals, clinics, hospitals and universities the tools they need to deliver engaging and relevant medical content to their patients.

  • Spherady Sports

    Spherady Sports is a video distribution platform for professional athletes and sports organizations. On this platform athletes can deliver engaging video content to sports fans as they walk through a facility.

  • Spherady Tourism

    Spherady Tourism is a social network that gives hotels, city governments and state parks that tools they need to engage travelers as they walk into buildings and through the streets of a city.

NBA Legends


Spherady has options to fit your company’s needs!

We can host your free and paid content on our site, you can host your own content, or we can license you a white label version of our video distribution software.

Either way, distributing your content in fun and engaging ways has never been so easy.

And if you are an individual celebrity who is interested in monetizing your social media while you actively participate with your fans including Live Q&A sessions, we have a Social Network for that too.


Once your content is available online, Spherady will help you distribute that content in fun and creative ways.

For example, your fans and customers can receive instant notifications on their smart pones when they walk through your door. Or, you can post “Smart Posters” throughout your facility that people can TAP to access cool content.



It all boils down to engaging your fans with relevant content.

We have all heard the old saying that ‘content is King!’ Well…what they dont tell you is that CONTEXT is the Kingdom, and without it, your fans and customers are bouncing around in a sea of message overload.

Engage your fans with Spherady today!