What is Spherady?

Spherady connects FANS with social INFLUENCERS through a private subscription platform.


On Spherady, you can Protect Your Brand, Engage with Fans, and Monetize Your Social Networking Efforts like never before.


To participate on Spherady, you must be either an existing manager or agency, a celebrity or social influencer, or a fan or follower who is looking for more valuable information than is currently found on the internet.


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It is becoming harder everyday to Protect Your Brand on social media.
"Social Squatters" are always coming up with new ways to try to capitalize on your status as a social celebrity.


That's why when you go to the big social networks and type in a celebrity name, you will get a list of a dozen or more people claiming to be that person. One of them MAY have a checkmark by their name indicating that they have been verified as the actual person. But that does not stop the others from using SEO techniques to try to capture your fans before they ever reach the real account.


The Spherady Platform Protects Your Brand from this type of fraud. This means that on Spherady, there is only one celebrity or influencer posting content and engaging with your fans - YOU!


We encourage you to maintain your accounts on the other social networks, but you should definately consider posting your most valuable content to your super fans on your very own Private Subscription Based Premium Content Channel right here on Spherady.

Engage Your Fans

On Spherady, you will be able to directly engage your super fans through your own private premium content channel.


You will be able to post news and stories, photos, videos, music and audio clips, and you can even Host Live Broadcast Events such as Q&A, fitness routines, backstage fun, and much more.


Your fans can create a FAVORITES list of their favorite posts you have made and easily access them anytime they login.


Your fans are never bothered with advertising that we decide to post, because we are not posting anything on your feed. Instead, they get the valuable relevant content that they have been looking for, directly from you.


And if that were not enough, you can share anything you like with your fans from your sponsors, or for your upcoming events.

Monetize Your Social Networking

It's no secret that Monetizing social media efforts is extremely difficult! The big social networks promise you a "share" of advertising revenue, that, if you have significant following, can add up to a decent paycheck.


But on Spherady, this is YOUR Premium Content Channel, and these are YOUR fans! So you keep 75% of all subscription revenue that comes in for your channel.


Our marketing team will work directly with you to show you easy ways to use your existing social networks to market to your fans and let them know about your new Premium Content Channel.


With Spherady, we are changing the paradigm of social media and making it easier for you to monetize your social media efforts.



Protect your brand by creating a Private Social Media Channel for your biggest fans.



You can host live broadcasting for your subscribers with the simple click of a button.



With Spherady you can host your own private subscription platform for your fans,

Join Spherady

To join Spherady, you must be:

  1. An existing celebrity or social influencer, Click here to request an invitation
  2. A management agency who manages celebrities and social influencers, Click here to request an invitation
  3. A fan who is looking for new and exciting content, click here to view available channels

Spherady Premium Content




Spherady is growing and you can READ all about it here. Posts from Spherady.

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Below are members of our great Team that has developed Spherady

Herman DeBoard

20 Years experience developing technology companies and a USAF Veteran

James Martin

James' focus is to enable sustainable growth and an excellent client user experience.

Ryan Martell

Ryan is the lead developer and has been working in the video over IP space since 2005.

Curtis Fletcher

Curtis Fletcher has been redesigning customer experiences for close to 15 years


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